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Nowadays streaming is a dispensable part of media content. You can hardly imagine watching an e-sport/sport tournament without a stream or translation. And, of course, now we can undoubtedly say that streams can be your job.

Lots of things will be required if you choose streams to be your way to earn money: you need to have decent PC, decent internet connection speed, you need to know a lot about the hardware and the software you’ll be working with. Today we will talk about one of the most vital and important things – streaming platforms. Usually, when you talk about streaming services, you think about Twitch, but this point of view is very bounded. Notice that we’ll talk about monetization separately from each platform in order to highlight it.

Why do people think about Twitch?

Actually, though Twitch has almost zero particular advantages comparing to other streaming platforms, its audience is literally the biggest, and, probably, will remain so for the next few years at least. And there is a couple of reasons:

1. E-sports

Most people began watching streams because of an e-sport activity. Maybe your favorite player is online and maybe there is a huge tournament going on – who knows? But still, most of these events are being streamed on Twitch. By the way, ESL tournaments are being streamed to Facebook, and they have earned a lot of negative comments because of the amount of Facebook’s bugs while streaming. So, maybe other platforms are simply not ready?

2. Community support

It kinda connects with the previous point, but all people will better choose a time-checked option rather than trying to find something new. If you see the amount of internet-stars going live on Twitch, you’ll definitely think that Twitch is the best.

Why not Twitch then?

Of course, popularity has its own disadvantages. First, but least is the amount of bugs that can occur popular streams with multiple thousand auditory online.

The biggest impact is social aspect. Yes, Twitch punishes you for almost everything. Nowadays you need to apologize for almost every joke that can be treated as harassment or abuse even if it’s obviously a common friendly joke.

Twitch’s advertisement is also a little bit freaky now: the ads can be shown even before you watch clipped moments.

So, for those of you who don’t want to fight against an increasing amount of problems or if you got banned on Twitch, here is the list of the most popular and decent-working alternative streaming platforms.

Alternative Streaming Platforms

Youtube Gaming

YouTube Gaming features both live and on-demand video game content.

YouTube Gaming looks considerably different than plain old YouTube, with an all-black interface that puts a stream of popular game-related videos front and center. As with standard YouTube, you can follow channels to stay on top of their content; unlike standard YouTube, you can also follow specific games to ensure you’ll never miss the latest League of Legends match or crazy Street Fighter comeback. Yes, when you subscribe to a channel on YouTube Gaming, you’ll see that subscription on YouTube (and vice versa).

Back in 2014, Amazon spent nearly $1 billion on Twitch, the video game livestreaming platform. This move spurred YouTube to give gaming videos a harder look. This resulted in YouTube’s release of a separate YouTube Gaming app in 2015. Unfortunately, if anything, the dedicated app just made choosing between watching gaming content on there versus YouTube in general more confusing.

YouTube Gaming will now live on the main site at “youtube.com/gaming.” It will also be featured on the left hand sidebar along with other sections of the website such as Trending and YouTube Premium.

It’s easy to write off YouTube Gaming as a flattering imitation of Twitch at first glance, but the platforms have some key differences.

For one, YouTube Gaming appears to put an equal emphasis on live and on-demand content, which isn’t surprising given YouTube’s expertise with the latter. Twitch is the current king of live streaming, but its on-demand offerings are limited and hard-to-find by comparison.

YouTube Gaming also has the potential to one-up Twitch in the live department. Live YouTube videos already offer the ability to rewind during a live broadcast (something Twitch still lacks), a feature that could be crucial for those who tune in late to a major tournament.


– Simplicity of using.  If you’re on PC, you can stream on YouTube Gaming using broadcasting applications such as Open Broadcaster Software or XSplit. You can also stream right to YouTube Gaming from your PlayStation 4, so long as you have the system’s latest 3.0 update. There is also an option to set up a one-click stream via smartphone.

– Social aspect. If you have ever watched some game-based videos, similar videos might have appeared in your recommendation section. So will streams do. That will help you to find streams with the games you want to look at, and it will help streamers to gain at least some audience.

– Completely Free. You never have to pay to use it. Ever.


Smashcast is a livestreaming platform previously known as hitbox that allows you to extend your Freedom partnership onto live streaming platforms. Like any other streaming platform, it has its own features that definitely define Smashcast as one of the best streaming platforms for gaming ever existed. That’s a streaming platform but for those of you who search for the best quality of gaming streams specifically.

For those of you who are lazy enough to search or even to create a mail account, Smashcast created an integration between itself and huge variety of social networks. Now you can log in via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even VK (Russian social media), and this list will expand in future.


– Hype-o-meter. Whenever you watch an e-sports match, you can send emoji in chat. The ‘hype level’ will be based on the amount of different emoji sent in chat, and later will be displayed in a stream. If you don’t want to see the emotes flying across the stream, there is a way to turn them off!

– Tape. Another great Smashcast feature is a tape. It kinda integrates social aspect. It allows you to share news with your viewers. You can post video and audio with your posts, which can be up to 3000 symbols.

On the other hand, you can be banned or warned even after you stream absolutely normal content which does not relate to gaming. Of course, this level of strictness pays out, but it’s for you to choose what do you prefer.


Still, most people decide not to deal with the platform to stream on: they choose either Twitch or YouTube Gaming. Of course, they are not bad, but they have their own disadvantages. The amount of lags, the leak of features and many other stuff can make you think of searching another platform. That’s why you may want to take a look on Mixer.

Mixer (formerly Beam) is a video game live streaming platform owned by Microsoft. Like competing services, Mixer focuses on video gaming, including playthroughs of video games and live streaming, but is primarily distinguished by features designed to allow viewers to interact with streams. Using an SDK (software development kit), features can be integrated into games to allow users to affect gameplay or vote on elements using buttons displayed alongside the stream.


– Game changing ability. You can take part in different votes or in different discussions, you can create challenges for the streamer you watch whenever he’s playing, or you can even do some in-game stuff, e.g. summoning mobs in different games. You can also use Mixer in order to give streamers all the statistics they need or any other useful information. Users earn “Sparks” for watching and participating in streams, which can then be spent to activate these features. While using the “collective gamepad” function, you can give all your viewers full access to your gaming tools in order to let them play. It will increase the integration of viewers into the stream and will definitely help streamers to earn their audience.

– Multistream. You can join your friend’s stream: you can translate your gaming process together on one stream. No matter what you are actually playing: you can even play different games on different platforms – the screen will accurately divide in order to create immaculate multistream picture.

– Broadcast whatever you want. You can start your stream by a few clicks on your Xbox One or on your PC with Windows 10 – you don’t need extra software for it. If you want to stream your mobile gaming, you can upload Mixer Create both on iOS and Android. That tool will allow you to stream even if you don’t have decent Internet connection. Close to Youtube Gaming’s ability, but Mixer prefers Xbox One rather than Play Station.

– CATbot. CATbot is Mixer’s fearless auto chat filtration bot that can help remove unwanted content and trolls. When a message comes in that violates your CATbot level setting, it will automatically be hidden from your chat room before others see it. Only the streamers and moderators will actually see the message as struck out with a “removed by CATbot” flag next to it so your chat will never see it.


Caffeine.tv is still in beta, and the logo on the site refers to it being in pre-release. The young streaming service is ideal for beginner streamers, having some technical requirements but not expecting its users to download any files first. This facilitates sharing live content and provides an excellent option for users who want to broadcast to a few real-world friends. Caffeine is less suitable for streamers who want to broadcast their activities to the world. The platform lacks categories and has only limited search capabilities. Serious users still have to market themselves on another platform, promoting their Caffeine username to potential viewers.

Simplicity is actually the core of what Caffeine’s creators do: the website design is simple yet beautiful, their tools are simple to use, and the stream is easy to launch.

Sometimes it even goes beyond measure – the stream design is sharp and almost spartan. Yes, it contains only useful stuff, but sometimes it may look as if the creators had lost something in the process.


– Real time. If you watched some Twitch or Youtubemstreams, you might have noticed that they have a delay. Sometimes it is small, sometimes it can be around ten minutes. But in Caffeine, the delay is only about a second. Is it good or bad – that’s for you to decide.

– Single stream friendly. This feature will help a lot if you do not have second monitor screen. With the help of Caffeine reactions will appear in your game, so you don’t need a second screen for chat windows. Reactions are filtered to show the best comments for you. Now you can play and chat without missing anything.

– The level of knowledge required. Even if you know nothing about software and hardware, you’ll deal with the Caffeine streaming. Just download Caffeine, sign in, and you’re done. No need to mess with bit rates, IP addresses, stream keys or any of that nonsense. You are ready to broadcast. To make your life even more easy if you use OBS, you can download the Caffeine supported version to broadcast — no stream key required!


GoodGame is a Russian streaming platform. It is actually pretty similar with its main competitors but it has its own features and advantages.

GoodGame’s website is composed of many different elements: there is a streaming bar, there is also a news list right next to it, combined with galleries, chats, different topics and even tournament registration files. Even though the main idea is good – you don’t need to make different websites if you can combine everything in one page – the level of performance could be much better. It looks like a total mess and it is pretty hard to deal with. The good thing is you can customize the appearance of the main page by your own but, to be honest, you will spend dozens of time just to find the ‘settings’ button.


– As it was mentioned before, you can participate in e-sports tournaments via GoodGame, and you can also create your own ones. Because of the well-developed chat/topic system, it is pretty easy to find yourself a nice team, or, again, you can even create your own teams. Nevertheless, you can stream whatever you want: from cooking shows to cosplay events.


The mission of DLive is to create a value sharing live streaming platform that empowers creators and viewers through a revolutionary rewards system. At DLive, people change the whole game by putting platform ownership in the hands of the users through blockchain technology. We’ll talk about this blockchain technology later, in the monetization part. The users of DLive are the ones that are rewarded for their contributions as the platform grows. Basically, DLive is all about blockchain technology and it has almost nothing more to give.


– It has its own unique technology that is based on connection between streamers, developers and viewers. It also provides you almost perfect monetizing system. So, if you want to become a streamer or change a platform, we would definitely recommend you to create an account on DLive.


Basically, the donation ability does not relate to the streaming platform part. Most people just leave the link to their e-money wallet in the description of the channel because the platform does not have anything more to offer. Here is the list of this type of streaming platforms: Youtube Gaming, Smashcast, Mixer, GoodGame. But there are a lot of services that provide different donation systems. Check out our article about donations if you want to know more.

Now let’s talk about unique ways to earn money due to your streaming platform.


Some platforms, like Twitch or Youtube Gaming give you the ability to subscribe freely to your favourite streamers just not to miss the following translations. But the majority of streaming services allows you to do the payed subscription which allows you to support the streamers you watch. Most of them even have enough plug-ins installed just to show your nickname with appreciation word combined with it. So, probably, this is one of best ways to support streamer.


Advertisement is one of the most passive ways to earn money on streaming resources. Some platforms, like Twitch, will give you a nice advertisement video every time you relaunch the translation. But you can also choose what kind of advertisement will be shown on your streams. By the way, you can even do advertisement blocks, as TV does. Of course, some people will neglect this by simply installing an AdBlock, but still. By the way, turning your AdBlock down while watching the stream can also be treated as the type of the support.

Caffeine’s monetization

The main idea of the Caffeine’s monetization is the fact that you do not require any sponsorship or partner program in order to earn money. For example, it is actually quite hard to make money through Twitch, if we don’t talk about the donations. But this was fixed in Caffeine. You can monetize your content through the use of digital items and without the need of a partnership program. As viewers purchase digital items to participate in and enhance broadcasts, Caffeine will award broadcasters with credits based on this activity. But you will need to apply to cash out your credits for real money.

DLive’s monetization

DLive is built on top of the Lino blockchain. Lino’s mission is to facilitate a ​Value-sharing Content Economy​ where content creators, viewers, and all other contributors are fully and fairly incentivized to maximize long-term economic growth in a sustainable way.

The Lino blockchain contains unique identifiers for contributors, infrastructure providers, app developers, validators and viewers, allowing any content platform adopting the Lino blockchain for usage to properly identify and record contributions made by each stakeholder.

So, as it was mentioned before, DLive is built on a test version of the Lino blockchain, which creates new LINO Points daily. The amount of points is designed to be between 0.2 – 9.9% annually and is calculated based on network consumption. These points are then distributed to infrastructure service providers, application developers, like DLive, validators and the users who contribute to the network. This mechanism is the reason why DLive can sustainably give back to the users of the platform and focus on building a rewarding and engaging community.

Also, there are some pretty rules that were established by DLive in order to help streamers:

1. No platform cuts. In order to fully incentivize content creators, who are key to maintaining the long-term growth of content sharing platforms, DLive takes zero fees from any type of an income money.

2. Rewarding incentives: to further incentivize all contributors and keep applications sustainable in the long-term. Ensuring that all developers, infrastructure providers, and validators utilizing the Lino blockchain are fully compensated for their contribution is crucial for achieving long-term sustainability. The Lino blockchain is designed to record and reward all the contributions of all key stakeholders including content creators and viewers.

3. Decentralized ownership: to distribute network value back to all contributors and prevent centralized decision making that compromises contributors’ interests for the benefit of a small group of shareholders.


As it is for now, the streaming platform that can be undoubtedly tagged as the best does not exist, so, as always, you need to choose everything just by listening to your inner voice and inner feelings. Of course, in some segments and aspects, there are some visible leaders, but still, everything leads up to your mind. We’ve gave you a brief description of Twitch alternatives that we hope will help you decide.

We hope these tips will help you on the way to success!

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