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Every once in a while a person confronts a dilemma. Choosing to do what you like and earn less or do something that you don’t like but for good money. Most people made their life boring and miserable by choosing the second option. Others followed their dreams and many of them succeeded thanks to their perseverance and dedication. Everyone chooses his own way. But what if I tell you that this dilemma is in the past because we live in the magnificent times when you can easily choose doing what you like and not being afraid of lack of money. If you’re reading articles on our website, you certainly love computer games. Then what are you waiting for? Start streaming while you play. The donation system will do the rest for you.

What is a donation?

Donation is the financial reward that comes to streamer from the audience. Often donations are received in exchange for some action that streamer does. Therefore, if you want to receive donations, you need to give something in return. The simplest thing is to thank, answer questions or watch videos that the viewer offered you. It is very common to perform some actions. For example, “For a $10 donation I’ll do 10 push-ups or play guitar that’s right behind me while singing a song of your choice.”

Donation as a form of gratitude

You’ve probably wondered why would people just give their money for no good reason? Well, here are several reasons why. First of all, maybe somebody just likes you and wants to support your activity. A fun stream gives the audience an opportunity to have a great time while resting so they usually don’t mind thanking you for that. And this gratitude can be really surprising. Twitch user with nickname Motar2k donated about 40 thousand dollars to his favorite streamer Yaroslav “pashaBiceps”. And it is nothing unusual (well, except for the amount). Motar2k just liked Yaroslav and the way he streams. Initially he donated smaller amounts around $1000. Then he sent $ 5,000. Eventually the donation amounts reached $10,000 and continued growing.

Donation as a form of interaction

Another reason for making a donation is the desire of viewers to communicate with you. Most streamers display a nickname, the amount of donation and a message from the viewer who made a donation. This person can write a short text that will be seen by all viewers. The donations give you an opportunity to communicate with your audience and earn money at the same time. How to spur the desire of viewers to donate money? Well, you can, for example, read aloud all the messages coming with the donations more than a certain amount. A good idea is to set up a bot that will automatically read out all the donates. This will free up your time because you won’t need to be constantly distracted by donations. The main thing that this reading of messages can bring is communication with the audience. During this communication you can prove yourself as an interesting person who knows how to answer wittily on tricky questions and tell interesting stories which, in turn, will certainly increase the number of donations coming to your channel. People are not interested in just looking at walkthrough of the games. They are interested in people who play them, in their personalities. All you need is being entertaining and you will succeed.

The downsides of donations

This may seem odd but even such a thing as donations has its downsides. After setting up a bot that automatically reads out loud the messages coming with the donations you can suddenly find out that the bot constantly reads someone’s self-advertisements! Spammers usually pay a small amount several times in a row and insert monotonous messages with their ads. To resist such “advertisers” and other spammers you can set a minimum amount of donation. This will limit the amount of spam because spammers will simply find it not profitable to advertise their services. But keep in mind that other users will be less willing to send you money. So you need to be careful with it.

It should be noted that your haters and “trolls” can attach insulting messages to the donation in hope that you will react to them. It is especially unpleasant if there is a bot on your stream that reads everything. You can fight them the same way as spammers.

How to set up a donation system on the stream?

It’s not enough to just attach your credit card number or the addresses of your ewallets. It is fundamentally important that the stream displays complete information about all the donations made which will further motivate the viewer to send money. There was even a research on this matter. One American streamer first started taking donations with all the alerts disabled. As a result, he received only 7 donations for a total of $11. The next day he included all the necessary alerts and made an artificial top donators list with a minimum amount of $15. As a result, for the second day he received 36 donations for a total of $169. The difference is more than noticeable.

In order to display information about donations on the screen, attach beautiful animation and reading bot as well as organize fund raising for things you are interested in, you need to use different apps. Below we will tell about some of the most popular apps and services for donations.

Donation Platforms


DonatePay is an easy-to-use service with a nice design that will help you make beautiful animation and soundtracks for your donations. Also, on their website there are instructions with examples of donation design. Even a beginner can understand how it works. The commission on DonatePay is only 1% and the money can be withdrawn within an hour after receiving them. If you want to start collecting donations but don’t know how and are afraid that it can be difficult, try DonatePay.

Twitch Bits

Twitch has its own donation system. It is somewhat different from the common. The fact is that in order to use it viewers should buy the Twitch currency called Twitch Bits. It can then be used to encourage favorite streamers. The main disadvantage of this system is its entanglement and huge commissions reaching up to 40%. In order to use Twitch Bits you need to have a affiliate program and configure Cheering in your profile. It will definitely not suit the beginners but if you have an affiliate, why not?


This service is clearly not suitable for beginners. It’s incredibly difficult to configure, but if you’re willing to spend your time on it and figure out how it all works, you’ll be rewarded with the opportunity to create beautiful overlays for your stream without any restrictions. In addition, you can integrate them using a single browser source for all the widgets you use. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Add to this the fact that Tipeeestream has a free market of overlays that allows you to download overlays made by other users and customize them afterwards.

Tipeeestream is difficult but worth it.


StreamElements is a good platform that provides a lot of functions for configuring donations. It provides quality designed tipping system and intuitive user interface. StreamElements team is constantly developing their product, releasing a lot of updates with new features and responding promptly to all the comments. This is definitely a good choice for those who decided to try a donation system for the first time and for those who are just looking for another comfortable service.


Another good service that is easy to configure and use. Muxy has great usage guides and if something isn’t clear, their support service will always help you figure it out. Also, Muxy allows you to easily configure and manage alerts without much stress.


Treatstream is a platform that makes it possible to make donations to your favorite streamers from the UK, USA and Canada with not only money, but also food. If you want something different in donations, just go to the Treatstream website, set in their questionnaire what kind of food you like and where you live and everything else is up to your subscribers.


Streamlabs is an excellent service allowing you to customize almost everything from animation and musical accompaniment of donations to payment systems through which you will receive money. You can even receive donations in crypto currency if you want. Add to this the ability to view your donation statistics, a handy browser application and word filter and you’ll get an almost perfect streaming application which is Streamlabs.


If you want to not only collect money for yourself but also engage in charity, this option is for you. Gamingforgood sends a certain percentage of donations to people in disastrous situations. You don’t have to worry about whether your money is really going to charity. The creator of Gamingforgood personally travels to the place of disaster and reports on the situation there. Gamingforgood also offers the opportunity to conduct charity streams, all donations from which go to help the needy. Try Gamingforgood if you are not indifferent to the fate of people around you.

Bebo Donation

In addition to the standard features that are available in all donation apps, Bebo Donation also has an internal currency that viewers can get for viewing your stream or buy them from the application store. For these coins viewers can bet on your skills, insert gifs into your streams. You get all the money for coins they’ve bought. You can allow your most loyal viewers to spend these coins on themselves, which is a great interaction with your audience.


Another great application for charity. With its help you can collect funds for the needy and you yourself choose to which fund collected money are transferred. You can do this anonymously or build an open group to draw attention to certain problems in the world. Use Tiltify if you want to help others.


The main feature of DonationAlerts is instant notifications about donations. They appear to you right away, as soon as the viewer has sent you money. With this application your audience can give you donations both using WebMoney and from their mobile accounts. This app also gives you the opportunity to arrange a vote on, for example, what game you should play next. The main disadvantage of DonationAlerts is quite large commissions.


Patreon helps artists and content makers to earn on their passion, creativity and hard everyday work. It can turn your most loyal fans into your patrons. In contrast to other crowdfunding platforms focused on raising funds for one particular project, Patreon is created to support the authors themselves. Patreon is a good choice for those who already have a wide audience and want stability in their income.

Pros and cons

  • Earn money doing what you love
  • Communication with subscribers via messages in donations
  • You can collect money for what you have always wanted

  • Donation messages may contain spam
  • Some trolls may use it for making insults


Donations is a perfect way for streamers to keep doing what they love without a need to work on an actual job. But not only will you earn money but also make your stream more entertaining. It’s a great opportunity for interactions and communication with your audience. And for your loyal fans it can become a way of showing their gratitude for what you do. With donations you can also raise funds to help the needy and make the world a better place. It’s pretty easy to set up a donation system. Check out our detailed articles on the apps listed here and choose the one you like most.

We hope these tips will help you on the way to success!

This post is part of the How To Guide:  it will help you to setup the stream and get you closer to live-streaming insights and tools.

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