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Why do you need Monstercat?

Few things can make Twitch stream more entertaining better than using background music. A well-chosen playlist will definitely not let your viewers get bored during a long let’s play. But, alas, you cannot use any music you like. Using music without an appropriate license may result in muting the stream or even a strike for copyright infringement. What can you do in this situation?

There are several ways to solve the problem:

First one is to negotiate with song copyright holders on Soundcloud about the commercial use of the tracks you like. This option requires quite a lot of time (for correspondence with rightholders) and money (you must pay separately for each track you want to use).

The second option is using Creative Commons music – tracks whose copyright holders allow their free usage. The advantage of this solution is the amount of such tracks. There’s quite a lot of it out there. But there’s a big downside, which is the low quality of this music. You will have to spend a lot of time to find among the many free tracks the ones you will actually like.

But there is another solution that combines the advantages of the first two – using music subscriptions. Paying for such a service, you buy not one but many great quality tracks. You no longer need to look for quality music yourself – it was collected for you and you can enjoy it right away.

One of the best services that provide music subscriptions is “Monstercat“.

What is Monstercat?

Monstercat is an independent music label founded by students from Canada in 2011. It specializes in electronic music, specifically genres like trap, chilltrap, dubstep, electrohouse, synthwave, futurebass and others similar to these.

The label is extremely productive. Four times a week they release new tracks that are suitable for playing absolutely any game and will please both fans of calm music and fans of energetic music. Dynamic dance music can be found on their YouTube channel “Monstercat: Uncaged“. If you’re willing to use something more calm, it’s better to look for the right music on channel “Monstercat: Instinct“. Tracks released by the label hold prominent positions in various charts. Lots of famous performers such as Ookay, Darren Styles, Krewella, Project 46 and Infected Mushroom collaborate with Monstercat.

Uncaged, Instinct

Anti-Copyright Movement

Monstercat is actively developing and managed to gather around a fairly large fanbase. It’s all due to the fact that Monstercat is not quite an ordinary label. It can also be described as a movement of like-minded people. Its creators are active supporters of the movement for the revision of copyright laws. They advocate the right of musicians to modify the tracks of other performers with impunity, as well as the right of listeners to distribute whatever music they like for free.

This view is expressed in the fact that anyone can listen to their music completely for free and use it as a background music in their streams. The creators of Monstercat tell not to be frightened about notifications of copyright infringement, which may come in this case – these notifications are not equivalent to copyright strike and mean only that all income from monetizing the stream will go to the producers and performers of the used music. This will help the label to develop, attract new artists and improve the quality of music.

This free usage of music will be an excellent option for those who do not have monetization on their channel or those who just want to see if the music is suitable for the streams before paying for it.

Fanbase Interactions

Monstercat very actively interacts with its fan base. The label often chooses covers for its new albums from the fan art people send to them. So, if you can draw quite well, you can try sending your work to their email address.

You can listen to Monstercat music not only through the Internet but also live. The label hosts music events in various major cities like Toronto, Chicago and Manchester almost every week. If you like chilling out to nice live music, check out their events.

For those who are already imbued with music and ideas of Monstercat there is a great way to support them. They have different lines of merch on their website. And it’s not just sweatshirts and polos but also various stickers and even mouse pads.

Monstercat Merch

Merch from Monstercat looks really cool and will look great on you during the streams. If you want to launch a giveaway, Monstercat t-shirt or mouse pad can be a good choice. Want some “how to” info on giveaways? Check out our article with different advice and descriptions of helpful tools.

Content Creator License

Those who want to use Monstercat tracks and still have the stream or video monetized should consider paying for a Content Creator license. The license to use label’s music is available for YouTube, Twitch and Mixer. It is active for 20 months and you can pay monthly or immediately for the whole period.

The subscription price for using Monstercat music on YouTube is $200 for 20 months or $ 10 per month. Twitch and Mixer streamers can buy a license for $100 for the same period or $5 per month respectively. After buying a license your channel will be added to Monstercat whitelist and your videos and streams will be monetized without any problems. It is important to note that this applies only to usage of music after purchasing their license. All notifications of copyright infringement received before paying for license will remain and have to be removed manually.

Rules, Rules, Rules

If you’ve decided to buy Monstercat license, you should take into account some of the nuances so that you won’t accidentally violate the rules afterwards. So, the streamer who bought the license has no right to abandon it before it expires. In the case if he does it anyway, all the streams where Monstercat music was used will be considered for copyright issues and monetization from them is very likely to be lifted.

In addition, there are also a number of other limitations. Regardless of whether you use Monstercat music for free or bought a license, you have no right to modify it in any way. For example, you cannot speed up tracks, raise bass in them, cut the songs and make a loop. Unfortunately, the declared freedom of creativity is welcomed only for the musicians of the label and is not available to its listeners.

Also, it is forbidden to use in your streams tracks that are available only for pre-listening but have not yet been uploaded to the official YouTube channels of the label.

Streamers are also not allowed to use Monstercat music in advertisements or videos with a paid product placement. For this matter the advertiser must separately buy a commercial license for usage of label tracks. If product owner intends to pay you for a promotion with Monstercat music, make sure to discuss it with them or otherwise you will probably get strike on your channel.

A significant disadvantage of using Monstercat music is that you can’t buy a Content Creator license for several channels on different platforms at once. If you’re streaming on both YouTube and Twitch, you will have to purchase a subscription for music separately for each of the platforms. Switching already purchased license to another channel on the same platform is also not available. If for some reason you have started a new channel and want to continue using music of this label, you have to buy a license for its use again.

Non-Licensable Tracks

It should also be borne in mind that not all the tracks of the artists represented on the label belong to it. This is due to the rather mild policy of Monstercat in relation to their artists. The label signs only one-sided contracts, through which the performer can simultaneously record music in collaboration with other producers as well without losing this contract with Monstercat.

But even if the artist’s track is recorded on Monstercat, it doesn’t mean that it can be used for free during the streams. Some tracks of Monstercat are Non-Licensable, which means they are only available for listening. The official website of the label presents a complete list of these tracks, which from time to time can be replenished so my advice is to check it occasionally.

In order to not include accidentally a track from this list during the stream, the creators of Monstercat recommend turning on the option “Skip Non-Licensable” tracks in your profile on their website.

Knowing these limitations, you can safely use Monstercat music during your Twitch streams without any fear of the possibility to get strikes and lose your account.


Using Monstercat music is a good option for those who do not want to overpay purchasing individual tracks but are not willing to spend a lot of time searching for good copyright free music. Monstercat has established itself as one of the best independent labels. The music recorded with their support regularly appears in various charts and holds pretty high positions, which undoubtedly speaks for its quality. And it should be noted that with each year the quality becomes better and better. The amount of music produced by the label is also huge, and therefore everyone can find something close to their taste and ideally suitable for the moment.

  • Free to use for non-commercial purposes
  • Pretty low price for a Content Creator license
  • No need to pay individually for each track
  • Both calm and active music are presented
  • A large music database that is regularly updated
  • Active interaction with fanbase

  • Electronic music only
  • Forbidden to modify tracks in any way possible
  • You can’t buy one license for several channels on same/different platforms
  • Difficulties with terminating a license before the due date
  • Lots of rules and restrictions, which may be confusing

9.5 Total Score
This service is a MUST for every successful streamer

Definitely not the ideal - too many rules to abide. But one of the most usable and handy music services

  • Free to use for non-commercial purposes
  • Pretty low price for a Content Creator license
  • No need to pay individually for each track
  • Both calm and active music are presented
  • A large music database that is regularly updated
  • Active interaction with fanbase
  • Electronic music only
  • Forbidden to modify tracks in any way possible
  • You can't buy one license for several channels on same/different platforms
  • Difficulties with terminating a license before the due date
  • Lots of rules and restrictions, which may be confusing
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  1. Reply
    June 7, 2018 at 7:50 am

    Copyright is a great evil. It’s good that there are music producers who understand it. Will definitely check out Monstercat.

  2. Reply
    June 7, 2018 at 7:50 am

    Why do all the services with tracks for streams only produce electronic music? Somebody should have already created a label for fans of rock music like me.

  3. Reply
    June 7, 2018 at 8:00 am

    I’m listening to their music for a couple of hours already. I’m very impressed. Thanks for advice!

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