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Talking about the ways of broadcasting background music during Twitch streams, we can’t leave unmentioned special music bots. They can automate many of your actions and give your viewers some control over the playlist. In this article we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of one of these bots called Spottybot.


What is Spottybot?

Spottybot is a music bot that takes available Spotify music and plays it during your livestream. It’s absolutely free to use bot created by a team of enthusiasts.

Where does Spottybot take its music from?

Obviously enough, from Spotify. Spotify is the largest service for streaming audio. It is available in 65 countries of the world and actively cooperates with major labels of the Big Three – Sony, Universal, Warner. Most of the songs in the library are basically from these three labels. In Spotify databases, there are 300 million songs to satisfy every possible taste. More than that, the service can select recommended songs for your personal taste, which works quite well.

It is available on a variety of platforms, from personal computers to smartphones and exists in both paid and free versions. The free version is different because from time to time you have to listen to ads and you can’t use Spotify in offline mode. The paid version removes these restrictions and improves the quality of music.

What music is there in Spottybot?

Having read about the music in Spotify, you must have thought that you can listen to Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift or Nickelback during your streams without worrying about copystrikes. We must disappoint you. The creators of Spottybot have nothing to do with Spotify. In fact, Spottybot simply surfs through Spotify music, finds tracks that have a Creative Commons license, stores them in databases and then turns these tracks on during your Twitch stream. Unfortunately, there is very little of such music in Spotify. As a result, Spottybot library has a little more than 500 songs, most of which belong to electronic music. In addition, note that Spottybot databases were last updated in October 2015, and therefore there’s no hope that the amount of available music will be increased in the future.

Spottybot, of course, can be useful to you because in our times it is difficult to find music with Creative Commons license but, you see, your viewers will very quickly get bored of listening to the same songs over and over. If you want more background music for your Twitch streams, we recommend you to take a closer look at other music applications like Pretzel Rocks or Monstercat.

Instaling Spottybot. A Puzzle to Solve.

If you are not scared off by the fact that Spottybot’s music library consists of a small number of rather monotonous tracks and you still decided to install it and try it yourself, we have to warn you that you will encounter quite a lot of difficulties. Installing Spottybot on your computer is not so easy. First, you need to register on Spotify and install it on your personal computer. Then you need to create a new account on Twitch specifically for the bot. After that, you need to download Spottybot itself. After completing all these steps you need to get oauth token to start the bot and connect it to Twitch.


In order to get oauth token, you need to go to Spottybot website and perform a number of other actions listed there. And only now, having done all this, you can finally start Spotify first, then Spottybot and after registration play the background music. Aren’t you confused with all the instructions?

What functions does Spottybot have?

After a long and tedious registration, you can’t wait any longer to see what the bot actually does. But yet again we must disappoint you. This bot has very few functions. Besides playing music it can only show current track and switch the song. The only interesting feature is that the songs can be switched not only by you but also by your viewers. They can write “!skip” in chat to switch the song and “!keep” to leave it.

What about technical support?

There is none. There is even no FAQ on Spottybot website. They wrote a promise to write it three years ago and it hasn’t been done yet. Spottybot has no administrators that can help with occuring bugs or other issues. If you have any problems with the application, you can either try to deal with them yourself or write to the creator of the bot. Maybe he will answer, maybe not. Last time bot was updated three years ago so he probably doesn’t even remember of its existence.

Needless to say that in case of any copystrike issues for using music from Spottybot nobody will help you to defend your rights and solve your problems. If you use Spottybot, do it at your own risk.


It’s hard for us to recommend Spottybot to anyone. Yes, it’s free but this bot simply has nothing that can attract new users. Spottybot is difficult to install, it has a small music library, which, moreover, has not been updated for a couple of years. There is no technical support at all. The functionality of Spottybot is also primitive and the only pleasing thing it can do is allowing your viewers to switch songs instead of you. Our advice is to try other services for background music and avoid using Spottybot.

Pros and Cons

  • Free to use
  • Allows viewers to switch tracks

  • Complex installation
  • Small music library
  • No updates
  • Only a few functions
  • Lack of technical support

5 Total Score
It's hard for us to recommend Spottybot to anyone

Free tool, but has nothing that can attract new users. The functionality of Spottybot is primitive and the only pleasing thing it can do is allowing your viewers to switch songs instead of you.

  • Free to use
  • Allows viewers to switch tracks
  • Complex installation
  • Small music library
  • No updates
  • Only a few functions
  • Lack of technical support
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