Twitch Giveaways: How-To Guide

Every streamer wants to build a large community, but nowadays it’s hard to become popular with so many professional top streamers. You need to be creative! Giveaway is an opportunity to promote your channel and interact with audience. It’s pretty similar to lottery where you describe an item and start a raffle. Everybody loves free stuff, right? And what can be more engaging than getting free stuff while watching an entertaining streamer play your favorite game?

Content matters

Yes, that’s right, content matters. There’s no way you can build a stable audience if you can’t entertain your viewers. Building your whole channel completely around giveaways is not only a bad idea but also a complete waste of money.

Tips on running Twitch giveaways


Twitch giveaways is a great way to attract more viewers to your stream! However, there are some tricks here. You must be sure that the popularity of your stream corresponds to the value of a prize. If you’re running a giveaway of a game that costs $50 with a stable audience of only 3 people, it’s a bad and unpromising plan!


Being honest at giveaways is the best way of turning people who attend your stream of curiosity to regular viewers and subscribers. Not only you have to promote the giveaway in the headline of your stream, but also bring the raffle to its end. People who haven’t won anything can start complaining so the most important thing before starting a giveaway is to describe every part of it in detail.

Rules – What are the rules of your giveaway?

Participation – How many people can take part in it and on what terms?

Dates – When will the results be available and when will you give the prize (time / date)?

Use chat bots to select the winner, thereby depriving people of the opportunity to blame you for choosing your friend or something like that. You can also hold a quiz to encourage viewers who have already been subscribed to you for a long time. But try not choosing a question to which you can easily find the answer by googling.


Not all visitors will become your regular viewers, and sometimes it’s for the better. Too many random visitors in the chat can damage the atmosphere of your stream. People can write in the chat a variety of things that will not always correspond to the rules of your channel. The more often people come to your stream, the more subscriptions you eventually get. Adhere to the rules and be patient, do not rush to give all the prizes too soon.

Consider the value

The more valuable the prize, the more you can ask of your viewers, and the longer the preparation period for the giveaway finale can be. Here are some suggestions on timing and to-do list for entering a giveaway.

In-game item – A few minutes; you can ask for a repost.

Channel’s currency – In short time intervals (every hour or so). It is usually given to your viewers just for the fact that they’re watching your channel, sometimes considering the amount of time they’ve spent on it.

A game or DLC – Start preparing for the week, ask people to subscribe to the channel, share a link to the stream and other promotional activities.

Device or accessory – Announce the giveaway for the month, ask participants to write an e-mail, share a link, make a video or other creative stuff somehow related to your channel!

People are more willing to do something depending on how attractive the prize is. If the gift is worth it – an expensive or exclusive subject – they will appreciate it much more!


You can link your giveaway to a charity and call your viewers to action. Ask them for charity donations to enter the giveaway. Not only will you please the community but also draw attention to the important problems and help.


If you have at least some stable audience, consider creating your own individual merch that will represent your channel and its community. For example, you can print your logo on a mug or design a t-shirt. If your channel is on gaming theme, best to make your merch related to gaming. A mouse pad or headphones is a perfect choice. These items can become an excellent prize your loyal fans can get through a giveaway.


Ask potential sponsors about the items for giveaways. Not everybody is able to buy a console for Twitch giveaways every week so it’s worth looking for sponsors that can provide prizes such as controllers, headsets, consoles, games and other similar items.

Do you have a friend who is not going to use his gaming account anymore? Ask if he wants to share it for a giveaway.

Twitch giveaways can really be a difficult affair, but without a doubt it’s a great way to boost your traffic. The most important is being honest while trying to attract new regular viewers.

Pros and cons of Twitch giveaways

  • Increases traffic and chance that other community members will talk about your stream;
  • You will have a chance to call your viewers to action;
  • The audience will have the opportunity to receive a worthy reward simply for watching the channel.

  • It can cost you a lot of money if done incorrectly;
  • Can attract inadequate people who are only interested in free prizes;
  • With a wrong or dishonest approach may seem “fishy” and alienate potential subscribers.

Promoting Your Giveaway

Promotion is essential to drive new audience to your channel and let everyone know about the giveaway you’re running.

First of all, use all the social network pages you have. Write an eye-catching post describing the giveaway on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumbr, etc. Make it look as nice as possible. It’s a great opportunity to use all your Photoshop mad skills to create a thumbnail image for your giveaway.

Make a video on YouTube talking about the giveaway and how the viewers can enter it. Describe the prize in a way to make people want to get it.

Ask your pals to mention your giveaway on their channels. Making mutual shout outs helps a lot with promotion.

With a bit of creativity you can even use the whole meme culture by creating a meme of your giveaway or channel and forcing it during the streams, on social network pages or popular websites like Reddit. If it’s funny, it will definitely bring lots of attention to the channel.

Best services for Twitch giveaways

There are lots of different tools useful for running Twitch giveaways. We’ve gathered info on the most helpful and popular services on our website. Here’s a brief description of the tools and their features.


StreamElements is an excellent free service for Twitch giveaways. We’ve mentioned earlier that channel’s currency can become a giveaway prize. Not only this tool allows you to fully customize these reward points and how your viewers can get them but also features a lot of fun and engaging ways of spending them.

Create a stream store and set price for different interactions or game keys. Start a contest in which your viewers can use their points to bet on you and win some prize or more points.


With Nightbot you can select types of users that can enter the giveaway. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s mods, regulars, subscribers or users that are allowed to take part in your giveaway. Anybody in the selected categories is eligible for winning in the specific giveaway you’re starting.

There are several different types of giveaways that you can have on Nightbot. So, the first type called ‘Active User’ allows users that were active within a few past minutes (you set how many) to enter a giveaway.

The next type of giveaway is ‘Keyword’. You set the keyword and then everybody who types this keyword in chat is automatically eligible for this specific giveaway.

And the last one is ‘Random Number’, a bit weird but still fun type of giveaway. Write a minimum and maximum within which a holy random will pick a number that your viewers should guess by writing this number in chat. Of course, you don’t want tons of spam in your chat so it’s a bit tricky. But why not try something new once in a while, right?

This tool also has an option to boost luck of your subscribers to reward their loyalty or regulars if you want to encourage newcomers.


Check out Streamjar for fully automatic Twitch giveaways with customizable triggers (hooks). There are two giveaway modes in Streamjar. You can set a list of game keys and start key-based giveaway. The service will pick a winner from eligible viewers and send the key by email with a notification. There’s also a message-based giveaway which allows you to write a message that will be automatically sent to a winner. It’s a great feature if you want your prize to be a private link.


If you want to engage your audience with an exciting giveaway, Gleam is just perfect. Create a list of tasks and goals for your viewers to complete. It can be anything you can think of so be creative! A great way of promoting your channel. Ask to share a link, subscribe to your social networks or even shoot a funny video. Of course, don’t forget the advice about prize value.

Interacting with your community has never been that fun and easy. Gleam has a very comfortable interface and beautiful design.

Note that, unfortunately, Gleam is not free but it’s totally worth it if you want to boost your channel’s popularity.


Most of the giveaway features of Moobot are pretty much the same as Nightbot presents. This tool also provides a multi-functional chat bot that will help a lot with managing your chat. You can set a list of commands your viewers can type to get more info about your channel and current giveaways you’ve started.

Another pretty popular function Moobot has is ‘song request’ which is self-explanatory. Users can choose what music you’re playing on stream.

An Example of Successful Twitch Giveaway

The most popular nowadays Twitch streamer Ninja with over 6 million followers has done many different giveaways. The great example is his NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Giveaway.

Ninja twitch giveawayHe has used Gleam tool earlier described here and asked his followers to follow the sponsors on different social networks, like their posts and share the link to enter the giveaway. This sponsored giveaway gave him a nice boost in views statistics which is a perfect example of cooperation with sponsors for giveaways.


Properly managed Twitch giveaways will attract lots of new viewers to your channel. It is an awesome way to interact with audience and reward your veteran subscribers. We have given you some tips on how to start a giveaway and provided brief descriptions of the tools featured on our website. Feel free to choose the one you like the best and combine the most useful functions of these services. Hope this article was helpful for you!

We hope these tips will help you on the way to success!

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