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How to use Twitch Music Library in your stream

Twitch continues to do everything to become more comfortable and pleasant to use. Another step in this direction was the launch of Twitch Music Library. It’s a completely free music library, where different songs and tunes are collected. Any streamer is perfectly safe to use it without fear of copyright in livestreams and archived videos. At the moment there are about half a thousand songs in the collection.

The library includes music from various indie labels like Dutch Spinnin Records and American Fool’s Gold. It is distributed free of charge and not requiring royalties for use. Moreover, Twitch expects to continue working with musicians in the coming year so this direction will surely continue to develop in the future. The trend of expanding service functionality continues to delight Twitch streamers and viewers.

A Little Background

The Twitch streaming platform was trying to solve a problem that has plagued users for months: How can you enforce copyright laws without limiting what the players can do with songs on the service?

And they have come up with a great idea – launching Twitch Music Library, which brings together songs that can be used for live streaming or on archived videos.

The library is a direct response to last year’s repression of music streaming: Shortly before being acquired by Amazon, the company began sorting archived videos to search for copyrighted songs. Twitch suggested using free external songs but the bot ended up muting videos for no reason. In a way, Twitch’s solution is similar to what YouTube decided to do when it began removing videos by copyright: providing a free audio library for users.

Thanks to Twitch initiative, streamers can choose from a catalog of songs made available for free, at the moment almost all belonging to the electronic genre. In the future, however, it is planned to expand the database with the inclusion of other categories, so as to satisfy all tastes.

Under the guidance of Amazon, Twitch could therefore embark on a new path, continuing to offer a platform for streaming enthusiasts, but embracing the digital music market at the same time.

Quick Tutorial

So, the easiest way to actually play the music while streaming is using OBS. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a program that has an open source code. Its purpose is to broadcast multimedia information of various kinds on the Internet, in our case on Twitch. This program is not the only one of its kind, however it is favorably different from analogues. The thing is that OBS is quite easy to use and has only a few tools that allow you to concentrate on the main task.

Getting back to our subject, here is a simple guide on how to use Twitch Music Library in your stream.

  1. First of all, download the Twitch Music Library playlist from Soundcloud or Spotify.
  2. Download and install VLC player.
  3. Open the tracks with VLC by adding them to VLC media player’s playlist.
  4. Now here you have 2 options. You either want to hear the music as well or you want it to be on only for your viewers to hear. It is customizable in VLC audio devices. For the first option leave the default audio device and if you want to stream in calm and peace or to hear your gameplay only, select a microphone device.
  5. In OBS sound settings click on Desktop Audio Device 2 and select your microphone device.

Here you go, like a piece of cake. Of course, this tutorial is just one of many ways to play the music during your stream. Remember that the music must be royalty free.

For more of such music check out our article about No Copyright Sounds, another great music service.


There are couple of things that should be mentioned to warn you. First, you’re not allowed to use neither other versions of these tracks, nor remixes of any kind if they are not already in the library.

Another important thing. Be sure to check once in a while if the tracks you are using are still there. Twitch can remove the tracks from the library for some reason and then these particular tracks will become no longer royalty free. It can be pretty random and may shock the streamer who hasn’t noticed the change.

These are really the only downsides of Twitch Music Library. Otherwise it’s still a great service.

Pros and Cons

  • Free to use
  • Lots of tracks
  • Simple setup

  • You can’t use remixes or alternate versions of the tracks
  • Twitch may remove tracks from the library without warning

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    May 28, 2018 at 3:18 pm

    I’m a bit concerned about the fact that Twitch randomly removes tracks. Thanks for warning.

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